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Colgate relaunches MaxFresh to tackle morning goof ups

The ad campaign emphasises the importance of morning wakefulness to ensure that you start the day without goofiness.

Colgate-Palmolive (India) has introduced a refreshing campaign that embraces the world of morning goof-ups. In a playful take on morning drowsiness, Colgate MaxFresh highlights the notion that when we’re feeling sleepy, we tend to deviate from our usual selves and commit bloopers.

The ad unfolds with a groggy doctor walking in with a bed attached to him. Due to his grogginess, he makes a lot of funny goof-ups which surprises everyone around. The senior nurse comes to his aid by offering him the new Colgate Maxfresh with unique cooling crystals that refreshes him, post which he feels fully awake and ready. 

The campaign is accompanied with a product relaunch. The all new Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste now has a superior technology that offers 10X longer lasting cooling to consumers.

Anaswar Rajagopal, director, toothpaste (Family & Equity) marketing, Colgate-Palmolive India, stated, “It is a universal truth that you don’t feel like yourself if you are not fully awake. Consequently, during such moments, you find yourselves making silly mistakes. Colgate MaxFresh understands you and gets you ready for a goof up free morning. With this ad film, we wanted to create exaggerations of possible slip ups to drive home the message that brushing with Maxfresh gives you a jolt of morning freshness that makes you alert and wakeful."

Juneston Mathana, WPP, CP,  added, “Sleepy mornings often end up becoming a recipe for goof-ups. We’ve all experienced it and probably also find it funny later. So when the idea of a person carrying his bed like a backpack was floated around by Priyanka Patyal from my team, we all woke up from our creative slumber. Even Harshad & Kainaz knew we had cracked it for Colgate MaxFresh. The film is directed by Ayappa.”

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