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CollegeDekho launches first campaign portraying itself as a trusted guide for students

The new campaign follows the recent release of CollegeDekho HEART Report 2024.

CollegeDekho, a higher education ecosystem announced the rollout of its first ever brand campaign, underscoring its vision of being a trusted, expert guide to students looking for guidance to find the right college. CollegeDekho is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that helps students find the right college and aids colleges in teaching them better. The new brand campaign embodies its commitment to be the most trusted guide for students on their higher education journey in India and will be launched across TV, OTT, and Digital Platforms, following the launch of the HEART (Higher Education Analytics and Regional Trends) Report 2024.

Talking on the launch of the campaign, Ruchir Arora, CEO and co-founder said, “We have consistently dedicated ourselves to assisting every student in finding the right college and pursuing an outcome-oriented higher education degree. This campaign is meticulously crafted based on the profound insights from our HEART report, and I am confident it will empower millions of students to seek our expert guidance in achieving their ideal career aspirations.”

With only about 11% of Indians above the age of 15 years have attended college, as per the latest NSO Survey, the need for a trusted expert to guide students is more evident than ever. CollegeDekho assists nearly 45 lakh students seeking guidance and helps them make informed choices about colleges and courses. The campaign captures CollegeDekho's vision of serving as a comprehensive support system for students on their higher education journey. It primarily targets parents and students seeking expert guidance to navigate the vast landscape of over 54,000 colleges in India, ensuring they find the right college.

As a part of the campaign, the TVC portrays a heartfelt story of a father who meticulously chooses the best for his son right from childhood, ensuring every decision is made with love and foresight. From childhood moments to crucial life choices, the father's dedication shines through, always providing the right options to secure his child's happiness and future.

This narrative captures parental care and guidance, aligning with CollegeDekho's vision of being a trusted guide for students. The brand film launched in five languages underscores CollegeDekho's role in offering expert guidance. The film aims to remove confusion and evoke trust, thereby differentiating CollegeDekho’s presence as a counselling partner that provides a comprehensive platform for information around college selection.

Commenting on the launch of the new campaign, Abhinav Upadhyay, chief marketing officer stated that, “Our first ever brand campaign reflects our belief in the power of right guidance altering someone’s life trajectory. The campaign is built around a simple yet powerful insight. Parents do everything they can, sometimes going beyond their means to make their child’s future better. Yet when it comes to choosing a college, they need a trusted expert."

He added, "Hence at CollegeDekho, we are committed to democratizing access to expert college guidance, ensuring that no dream goes unfulfilled, regardless of a student's background. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive trusted guidance and learning ecosystem for higher education needs across India. We strive to be the trusted partner for both students and colleges, ensuring outcomes that benefit every student, the society and the country at large.”

The launch of the new TVC campaign will play a pivotal role in enhancing CollegeDekho's presence, reinforcing its commitment to guiding students through their educational journeys.

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