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Crompton's latest campaign aims to revolutionise the way people interact with light in their homes

The 360-degree campaign will be launched on television and will further be amplified through various other mediums like digital and cinema. 

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals has announced the launch of an all-new multimedia campaign for its latest range of Trio lights. In a setting that resonates with everyday life, the product, Trio Ceiling Lights, steals the spotlight with its feature of indirect lighting.

According to the release, this indirect lighting technology does not cause glare on your TV screen creating the 'Mood Jaisa Lighting Waisa' ambience. The newly launched TVC by Crompton, hence, takes the audience through a couple's daily routine, highlighting the impact of the Trio range on their home lighting.

Gone are the days of adjusting lights or battling screen glare by changing your position in the room. This indirect lighting creates the ambience for an immersive viewing experience, allowing you to lose yourself in your favourite shows and movies.

In today's hectic lifestyle, evenings are the time, when families gather together to watch entertainment shows on TV. However, many of us have experienced the annoyance of screen glare from overhead lights, compromising the picture quality and eye strain that ruins the entire experience.

Keeping this in mind, Crompton’s Trio lights boast a 'Theatre Mode' with indirect lighting, ensuring viewers fully enjoy their favourite shows and movies without disruptions like making you shift positions or angles while watching TV. These lights will effectively turn your living room into a cinema-like atmosphere within your home.

Crompton's TVC captures this insight, taking viewers on a relatable journey where lighting elevates their everyday entertainment experience and memories with just a click of a button.

Speaking about the company’s latest campaign, Pragya Bijalwan, CMO, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals said, "In our latest campaign, we're thrilled to introduce Crompton's innovative Trio Lights, redefining the way consumers interact with lighting in their homes. Our aim with this campaign is to showcase that Crompton is not just a provider of lighting solutions, but a leader in revolutionising how people experience and interact with light in their homes.”

The TVC conceptualised by BBDO seeks to take you on a light-hearted journey of a cricket-loving couple whose game night is plagued by harsh, unforgiving overhead light. The frustration is evident as the glare washes out the screen, making it impossible to enjoy the match. Enter Crompton’s Trio Lights, a game-changer for their viewing experience, showcasing the fun and flexibility that comes with the three distinct modes.

The film transitions between cozy movie nights bathed in warm Theatre Mode that gives indirect lighting, focused work sessions illuminated by the sharp clarity of Work Mode, to electrifying parties with the vibrant energy of Party Mode. The easy transition between theatre, work, and party modes ensures that the lighting complements their activities, making every moment more enjoyable and memorable.

The film further emphasises that Crompton's Trio Lights aren't just about illumination; they become an integral part, enriching your everyday experiences and turning ordinary moments into cherished memories. This TVC showcases how Trio Lights go beyond illumination, adapting to our ever-shifting moods and desires. It's not just about enhancing ambience; it's about elevating experiences and crafting memorable moments, one light switch at a time.

Hemant Shringy, chief creative officer, BBDO India adds, “Being the category leader, Crompton products are intuitively innovative. As consumers, we tend to live with or make peace with small irritants. But as a brand that puts its consumers first, Crompton constantly challenges the status quo. Why should you have to move the angle of the TV or give up on your favourite spot or make huge architectural adjustments to your room just because of the light that throws glare on the TV? Every innovation from Crompton is towards enhancing the user’s everyday experience.”

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