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Crunchyroll launches its first brand campaign in India, ft. Tiger Shroff and Rashmika Mandanna

The campaign transports viewers from mundane daily life to the world of anime.

Crunchyroll, the home for anime worldwide, launched its first ad campaign in India, ‘Wish Your World Was Anime’, which blends the world of anime with real life, featuring Rashmika Mandanna and Tiger Shroff. In the two ad films, the protagonists wish for dream scenarios in their real lives, such as embarking on adventures and turning challenges into triumphant moments, much like those in the anime worlds they enjoy.

The ads premiered during the IPL and will air digitally on JioCinema during TATA IPL matches. Crunchyroll has also planned a comprehensive marketing campaign encompassing surround sound promotions through OOH, digital advertising, and social media outreach.

Anime, with its storytelling style, action, and visual artistry, offers a realm unlike any other, where individuals immerse in narratives that inspire, provoke thought, and evoke emotion. With 'Wish Your World Was Anime,' Crunchyroll aims to tap into the universal desire shared by anime enthusiasts everywhere – to infuse their everyday lives with the vibrancy, courage, and adventure reminiscent of their favorite anime characters and shows.

Crunchyroll launches its first brand campaign in India, ft. Tiger Shroff and Rashmika Mandanna

The ad films have been crafted using a blend of original Japanese animation with live action. The creative agency behind the campaign is Tilt Brand Solutions, while the anime segments were created by anime studios in Japan, ensuring the authenticity of the craft and reinforcing Crunchyroll's dedication to sharing Japanese anime with the world. Drive Inc. created the anime for the ad film with Rashmika, while the anime in Tiger’s ad film was created by ARECT, Inc. The films were overseen creatively by Crunchyroll’s Creative Services Team. The background music in the ad film with Tiger is exclusive, produced by Donn Bhatt, and features rapper Jagsifat. The ad film with Rashmika has the song ‘Billo’ By Excise Dept.

“We are thrilled to announce Crunchyroll's first brand campaign in India — a heartfelt milestone for us and the anime community here,” said Markus Gerdemann, SVP of marketing of Crunchyroll. “With Tiger Shroff and Rashmika Mandanna joining us, our campaign shines a light on the power of anime as a captivating form of storytelling. India's rich culture and its enthusiastic embrace of anime inspire us every day. What better way to debut the campaign than another milestone cultural moment – the IPL.”

“This campaign is more than just an announcement; it's a reflection of our dedication to nurturing our bond with anime fans across the country,” added Norman Rabinovich, VP of creative services. “We're celebrating our collective love for anime and supporting the fandom that makes it all so rewarding."

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