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Dabur Vatika stands for gender equality in its #WomenOfSubstance campaign

The ad is rolled out in collaboration with Green Chutney Films.

This International Women’s Day, Dabur Vatika, a hair care brand from the House of Dabur, is taking a stand for women empowerment and gender equality in its latest campaign, #WomenofSubstance.

The ad film, conceptualised by production agency Green Chutney Films, features the female workforce of Dabur and captures them in their element at work.

Opening with Chemma Chekka, an old Telugu nursery rhyme, the film plays with the contrast between the lyrics representing the archaic societal narratives and its visuals depicting the women defying them. As the video progresses, the employees are shown disembarking from a pick-up bus for another day at their workplace, the Dabur Vatika Factory near Indore.

The film then moves into a sequence of the women donning their protective gear and huddling for a briefing about the day’s production targets. Against the backdrop of the nursery rhyme’s melody sung by Purva Rajesh Naik, the camera captures their determined expressions ready to take on the day.

Beginning their tasks on the factory floor, the film captures the women in action - operating heavy machinery, inspecting, and handling products meticulously, while also engaging in lively conversations, games and playful interactions with each other throughout the day.

Towards the end of the video, and as the day unfolds, women continue their resilient effort to meet their goals with purpose and steadfast resolution. This is followed by close-up shots of the proud faces of a few of the employees to further elucidate their sentiment. In the final transition, the final results of their hard work are shown - the surpassing of their production targets, and them standing tall with a sense of accomplishment.

This two-minute-and-27-seconds-long video concludes with a woman narrating facts and statistics about India’s female working population. The conclusion highlights the potential economic impact that could occur if women’s participation was encouraged in the workforce. The next shot reveals that the company is 100% women-run, which echoes its firm belief in women empowerment.

The narrator’s voice continues on, highlighting the campaign’s name and alignment with International Women’s Day, urging viewers to share stories of the remarkable women they know.

In a separate promotional video for this campaign, brand ambassador and actor, Samantha Ruth Prabhu affirms her solidarity with Dabur Vatika in championing women’s causes and recounts her experience meeting the women featured in the ad film.

Talking about the campaign, Dabur India's marketing head Ankur Kumar said, “At Dabur, we view Women's Day as an opportunity to showcase our profound commitment to empowerment. Our factory film confronts outdated societal norms that can be traced even in our childhood rhymes. It reflects Dabur's belief in inclusivity and gender equality, echoing our belief that every woman deserves recognition and respect in every facet of life."

Manashree Jani, executive producer, Green Chutney Films, added, “Green Chutney Films is proud to partner with Dabur in crafting a campaign that challenges stereotypes. Our film delves deep into societal biases, sparking discussions that will, hopefully, drive a positive change. In amplifying Dabur's vision of empowerment, we hope to collaborate on more groundbreaking campaigns in the future.”

"As the film was based on an already-known nursery rhyme, it was important to bring it out well in the music, and it turned out to sound great. I thought working with actual employees was a challenge, but they were so cooperative, and the visuals were much better than what we had planned," explained Vrushab Maitri, director, Green Chutney Films.

Reiterating the significance of collective effort to drive meaningful change, Manan Bhatt, director, Green Chutney Films, emphasised, "Today, as we celebrate International Women's Day, let's not just celebrate the strides we've made, but also reflect on the narratives we've inherited. It's time for a relook at what we teach our girls from a young age. Let's rewrite the script, challenge the stereotypes, and empower our daughters to dream beyond domesticity and marriage. In the impressionable minds of our youth lies the power to shape a more inclusive and equitable future. Let's seize this opportunity to offer them stories of strength, ambitions, individuality, financial independence and boundless potential."

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