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Dettol reinforces Covid-19 precautions in a new anthem

The message is that we can defeat the virus if we follow the necessary precautions.

Dettol, the disinfectant major from Reckitt has released a new anthem where it reinforces Covid-19 measures: Washing hands, mask-wearing, maintaining social distancing, and getting vaccinated.

60-seconds long and featuring an all-kids cast, the anthem ‘Mil ke Harayenge’ is a rousing call to everyone that we overcome and defeat the menace of Coronavirus together only if we follow all the necessary measures.

The lyrics:

Harayenge, dohrayenge,

Mushkil badi,

Dugna hum zor lagayenge

Acchi addaton ko apnaayenge, vaccine lagwayenge

Mil ake Harayenge!!!

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