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Divided by sectors, united by national pride: Brands celebrate India's 75th Republic Day

Air India, Godrej, Max Protein, Zupee, Bajaj Allianz Life, Pepperfry, and Boddess Beauty unveiled campaigns to commemorate the occasion.

As India marks its 75th Republic Day, brands from various sectors have come up with significant campaigns to celebrate the spirit of national pride.

Companies like Air India, Godrej, Max Protein, Zupee, Bajaj Allianz Life, Pepperfry, and Boddess Beauty have rolled out campaigns that resonate with the occasion's spirit.

Here are some of the Republic Day campaigns:

Air India

Divided by sectors, united by national pride: Brands celebrate India's 75th Republic Day

Giving an ode to a nation that is ever-rising with endless opportunities, Air India has unveiled a campaign called Together We Soar. The ad features panoramic views of different regions across the country, showcasing various states and landscapes.

It depicts the airline flying through different locations during different seasons and times of the day. Toward the end of the ad, individuals are shown observing the sky and the plane, smiling, symbolising the campaign's theme, Together We Soar.

Godrej Group

Godrej Group launched a digital campaign to celebrate the journey of a nation transformed. Aligned with the official theme, #HeereJaisaMazboot (Developed India), the campaign highlights the contributions of the ordinary citizens who played a pivotal role in shaping India's remarkable journey to its diamond jubilee. It was conceptualised and executed by Godrej Group, in collaboration with Creativeland Asia.

The campaign acknowledges the challenges, dedication, and vision that have moulded the nation into a symbolic diamond. From agriculture, entrepreneurship, healthcare, defence, and sports to arts, it sheds light on the narratives of ordinary heroes from diverse backgrounds and age groups who have played integral roles in India's journey of growth and glory.

Max Protein

Max Protein collaborated with the officers of the Mumbai Police Department for its Max Protein Salute campaign for Republic Day. The campaign pays tribute to the daily hurdles faced by police personnel and underscores the pivotal role of fitness in their demanding profession.

Through intimate interviews, the initiative provides an insight into their daily routines, shedding light on the significant challenges they encounter in the line of duty. Sending a powerful message, the campaign asserts that if Mumbai Police officers, amidst their demanding schedules, can integrate a protein-focussed routine, then citizens can similarly embrace such practices.

This comparison serves as motivation for the public, demonstrating that individuals in one of the most challenging professions prioritise health and fitness, setting an example for the general population.


Zupee, one of India’s online skill-based gaming platforms, released a film titled India Paasa Palat Raha Hai to celebrate the country's journey of progress over the years, instilling a sense of pride and optimism.

The animated video showcases India's triumphs across diverse sectors and shaping global trends, right from the Chandrayaan landing, the success of Make in India initiatives, and India’s economic rise, to athletes proudly claiming medals on the international stage, the video highlights the nation’s technological prowess and tremendous transformation as an emerging superpower.

Bajaj Allianz Life

Bajaj Allianz Life has introduced Plankathon 2024, the fourth edition of its fitness initiative. #PlankForAces seeks to express gratitude towards the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) – the true aces who propelled India to the moon and, more recently, achieved success with the Solar Mission, Aditya L1.

The initiative is timed to coincide with the celebration of India's 75th Republic Day and will culminate in an on-ground event in Bangalore’s Sri Kanteerava Outdoor Stadium on February 11, 2024.

Through the countdown to the on-ground event, this challenge encourages individuals to share their planking videos with the #PlankForAces, creating a collective gesture of gratitude for ISRO's contributions to space exploration.


Pepperfry, an online marketplace for furniture and home décor, commemorates 75 years of democratic India by paying a visit to the Sahawas Old Age Home in Maharashtra. The event showcased the enduring spirit of the older generation and their eternal love for the nation.

Recognising their wisdom and spirit, Pepperfry hosted a vibrant and youthful celebration, conducting party games and music sessions. As the “Evergreen Generation” leads the way, the company embraces the mantra - #75AndYoung, underscoring their (senior citizens’) everlasting enthusiasm and incredible life experiences.

Boddess Beauty

Boddess Beauty, an online beauty platform has unveiled a campaign Heroes of India this Republic Day. The campaign celebrates women doctors and their experiences, showcasing the various challenges and victories in both their professional and personal lives. This initiative not only acknowledges the remarkable efforts of the healthcare heroes but also celebrates their humanity, resilience, and the joy they bring to their profession.

As a part of the campaign, Boddess has released a video, featuring five female healthcare professionals - Dr Savita Chaudhary, paediatrician, and adolescent medicine specialist; Dr Pushpinder Sarao, pulmonologist, chief medical officer, and covid nodal officer; Dr Noopur Jain, MD in dermatology; Dr Mili Chakraborty, medical practitioner, and Dr Kanchan Kaur, specialist breast surgical oncologist.

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