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Duroflex celebrates healthy relationships in Valentine’s Day campaign

The campaign underscore the importance of being together and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Duroflex, a sleep solutions brand, has come up with #CelebratingHealthyRelationships campaign for Valentine's Day; a riveting message for today’s ‘online generation’. The theme of the campaign is to foster authentic connections with your partner in the digital age.

The campaign #CelebratingHealthyRelationships aims to awaken audiences and urge them to prioritise shared experiences with their partners over digital distractions. The short film captures a couple engrossed in their smartphones, symbolising the brewing disconnect in many relationships. However, a shift occurs as they take a minute to reflect and find themselves in each other’s company, where candid moments of togetherness unfold naturally, free from their screens.

The campaign addresses a common modern challenge of simply keeping the phone away and spending time with your loved ones instead. It underscores Duroflex’s commitment of healthy sleep and extends this purpose to building healthier relationships.

Commenting on the digital campaign, Mohanraj J., CEO, consumer business, Duroflex, said,“ The thought of this campaign stems from a very simple insight of how individuals today are growing further apart owing to a single problem of being chronically online. Screen time has largely gone up in the past decade with more of us invalidating the importance spending time together without having digital distractions. Currently, we are witnessing a paradox in a digital era, where connectivity is at its peak yet we tend to stay disconnected. We wanted a deliver a subtle message that can shake people out of the digital haze and push them to thrive in each other’s’ company."

The brand encourages everyone to embrace a 'we' mindset, and make this Valentine's Day about genuine togetherness.

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