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Eloelo app files petition to rename Valentine's Day to #KunwaraDiwas in new campaign

It has launched an Anti-Valentine’s campaign with Big Boss Fame, Abhishek Malhan popularly known as 'Fukra Insaan.'

Eloelo, a homegrown live social-media app, launched an anti-Valentine's campaign with Big Boss Fame, Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan. The company filed a nation-wide petition on to rename Valentine’s Day to #KunwaraDiwas.

Saurabh Pandey, founder and CEO, Eloelo, said, “We saw a barrage of comments and clips online by the new age Indians expressing annoyance and distress with Valentine’s Day. Singles have been calling out for their own day and celebration amidst all the noise around Couples on Valentine’s Day. We at Eloelo decided to stand by all ‘Kunwaras’ this Valentine’s and to demand for their equal rights, we have started a petition on to rename Valentine’s Day to #KunwaraDiwas.”

Eloelo partnered with Abhishek Malhan to help voice the callout for renaming Valentine’s Day. Abhishek in his own inimitable style proclaimed his feelings to his fans and supporters on X (Twitter). Eloelo is also promoting the campaign in various colleges of Delhi-University.

Commenting on the association with Eloelo, Abhishek Malhan, said, “ I have always advocated for love and laughter and I strongly believe nobody should feel left out on Valentine's Day! Being single isn't a curse, it's a comedy of errors, and we should celebrate this day for being single also. I'm really excited to partner Eloelo and launch the petition to rename Valentine’s Day to #KunawaraDiwas.”

For Valentine’s Day last year, Eloelo had launched an online reality show, Love House. The show was streamed live for 144 hours. The show observed 4 million views on livestream across 6 days, with a peak concurrency of over 200k viewers. Love House also served as a distribution channel for Bollywood movie Shehzada’s promotion.

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