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EMotorad turns Dhoni's viral meme into ad, grabs social media attention

The cricketer is seen crooning to the catchy Falguni Pathak tune in the e-bike's recent ad.

MS Dhoni has brought alive a viral meme in an ad. Yes, he's jamming to none other than the iconic 'Bole Jo Koyal' song. In a recent ad for EMotorad, an electric bike brand, Dhoni decided to join the meme parade and sang the catchy Falguni Pathak tune while cruising through picturesque countryside scenes on his electric bike. 

For the uninitiated, there's a meme starring the CSK captain, paired with Pathak's hit track ‘Bole Jo Koyal’. The meme first took off when a Telugu content creator named Uppal Balu went viral in 2019 for his dance to the song. Many pointed out the uncanny resemblance between Balu and Dhoni, sparking a wave of hilarious videos featuring Dhoni busting moves to the catchy beats.

Five years later, the meme is still on everyone’s minds. During a CSK versus RCB IPL match, the DJ played the same song in the stadium when Dhoni stepped up to the crease. In a recent CSK vs MI match, a Dhoni fan was spotted holding a poster proclaiming, “DJ Play: Bole Jo Koyal Bago Mein.” 

Sharing his insight on the campaign, Aditya Oza, CMO of EMotorad, commented, “Our aim was simple. We wanted to bring the magic from memes and give MS fans something they were waiting for. MS was such a good sport and open to new ideas while doing something different! Infact, he is one of the very few who trolled his trollers and they loved it too! What an end statement for the entire thing. MS holds a special connection with this wildy famous song, and I too, along with countless fans, wished to see him synergise this once! We love the reactions and are thrilled to bring together two icons– Dhoni and the 'Bole Jo Koyal' song – in a way that celebrates joy, humour, the spirit of adventure, and our very own e-cycles. This turned out to be a ‘break the internet moment’ and partnering with Dhoni makes it even more special as we aimed to promote electric cycles in a fun way!”

Now Dhoni himself has jumped on the bandwagon by appearing in an ad that nods to the meme. Written and produced by One Hand Clap, the ad features him riding an electric cycle while two koyals (cuckoo birds) highlight the product’s features.

The reference to the viral meme has helped the brand grab attention on social media. What’s more, the cricketer has even lent his voice! Dhoni's fans have gone in a tizzy over his vocals. But what has the song got to do with the bike, you ask? Well, Thala says “Dil se awaaz aayegi”. 

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