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Fevicol extends its stickiness to radio with Fevi-call

The radio spots double up as sticky reminders.

It's not often that an agency announces its radio campaign work. That's why we were pleasantly surprised when Ogilvy recently announced its radio campaign for Fevicol, an adhesive brand built over decades on the back of its quirky advertising. The just-launched ad turns simple phone calls into sticky reminders. The brand has set up a phone number in partnership with Big 92.7 FM and urges users to call on the number.

Listeners can call in to leave a message for their loved ones. Later in the evening, the station's RJ will turn it into a 'Fevi-call', wherein he will call the recipient of the message live on air, and play the message in a long, continuous loop. Even a simple message like "doodh leke aana, bhoolna mat" is impossible to forget when it is drilled into one's memory.

Hear it here:

Beta homework kiya

Khanna fridge mein rakh dena

Nakhoon mat chabana

Papa davai li kya

Suniye dhudh leke aana

Sweety..Papa ko mat batana

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In a press statement, Piyush Pandey, chief creative officer - worldwide and executive chairman - India, Ogilvy says, "Repetition is an age-old memory trick we've all used in school while growing up. Through Fevi-call, we wanted to apply it to simple everyday reminders and make them stick in people's minds. So, we turned an old medium like radio into a fun platform that anyone can use to reach their loved ones in a more effective way."