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Flipkart, Asian Paints, Reliance Smart and more embrace Pongal spirit

Brands capture the essence of Pongal with festive campaigns.

Pongal is a vibrant and auspicious harvest festival widely celebrated in South India that holds significance in Tamil Nadu. This year, it will start from Jan 15, 2024, till Jan 18, 2024. 

The festival is celebrated every year in January, during the Tai month of the Tamil Solar calendar and is dedicated to the Sun God marking the beginning of Uttarayan, and the transition of the sun into the Capricorn zodiac. 

As communities come together to express gratitude for a bountiful harvest and invoke blessings for future generations. 

Here’s how brands are celebrating the season:


Zomato unveiled an ad film about the spirit of the harvest festivals, emphasising the significance of tradition, familial bonds and the evolving cultural landscape. 

The campaign encapsulates the warmth and bond shared between generations and highlights the relationship between a grandmother and her teenage daughter. 

In the film, the grandmother offers a cup of sweet pongal to the daughter. The daughter initially declines the offer, but the grandmother coaxes her to try something new in this new year. The girl also asks her grandmother to try new things, and that culminates in the grandmother trying momos from Zomato. 

Asian Paints 

Asian Paints launched a music video which dives into the vibrant culture and colourful world of Tamil Nadu. Consumers can listen to the song by scanning the QR code of the Asian Paints Royale Glitz special edition packs for Tamil Nadu and experience motifs coming alive on their screens. 


The e-commerce platform unveils an ad film for its offer, Pongal Deals, Pongum Deals

The video showcases how the festival is celebrated in the city, and how Flipkart makes them happy by delivering products to them. There’s also a cameo of Rajinikanth. 

Reliance Smart 

The ad highlights the popular televised debate format on Tamil entertainment channels. The teams are divided into men and women, where a group of men complain about the expenditure and then the group of women showcase the discount offerings offered by Reliance Smart. 

The characters in the ad speak in rhyme and use pop culture references from Rajnikanth films.

Harpic India

Harpic India emphasises that celebrations are always fun, but cleaning your bathroom isn't. While this task is typically assigned to mothers, Harpic asks users to pledge to lend mothers a helping hand, this Pongal.

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