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Fogg revives iconic 'Fogg chal raha hai' campaign, takes a dig at Pakistan

Eight years after the initial debut of the campaign, Fogg reinforces its timeless appeal with the latest ad.

Fogg, the deodorant brand by Vini Cosmetics, has revisited its memorable 'Fogg chal raha hai' campaign, which made its debut eight years ago. The latest advertisement, known as Border 2.0, was strategically unveiled during the Asia Cup's India vs. Pakistan cricket match, reigniting the brand's long-standing message.

The phrase 'Kya Chal Rha hai?, Fogg chal raha hai' became synonymous with Fogg when the brand initially launched this campaign back in 2015.

The Border 2.0 ad maintains continuity with the original 2015 version, featuring the same script and characters – military officers from both India and Pakistan. However, this time, the focus shifts to highlight the ongoing economic challenges in Pakistan.

In the 2015 rendition, the deodorant brand showcased a scenario at the India-Pakistan border. The interaction between the Pakistani officer, asking, "Kya chal raha hai?", and the Indian officer's response, "Hindustan mai Fogg Chal raha hai," became a memorable moment. The nostalgic appeal of the ad has been successfully revived in 2023.

Fogg has consistently stood out in the deodorant category by taking a unique approach since its maiden campaign, emphasising "no gas, no wastage" in its deodorant products. Unlike other brands that often rely on sexual appeal, Fogg has carved its own distinct identity within the industry.

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