Shubhankar Sen

From Pandals to doorsteps, Zomato delivers the taste of Pujo

The ad strikes a chord with Bengali emotions, showcasing that this festive season, the heart of Durga Pujo is just a delivery away, no matter where you are.

In its latest ad film, Zomato narrates a humorous yet heartfelt story of a man stuck alone at home during Pujo, still able to relish the festival’s culinary delights with friends, thanks to timely Zomato deliveries.

Pandal hopping with friends is an integral aspect of Pujo culture, eagerly anticipated by Bengalis throughout the year. The bonds forged through visiting Pandals, seeking blessings from Durga Maa, and sharing delectable food are truly special.

The advertisement unfolds with a vibrant scene featuring four friends—three immersed in the lively atmosphere of a bustling Pujo Pandal. Their camaraderie is captured through a video call with another friend who couldn't attend due to a broken leg.

A playful one-upmanship ensues, as each friend showcases the array of pandal delicacies. In a humorous twist, the friend at home proudly displays the same culinary delights, swiftly delivered by Zomato

The ad takes a delectable dive into authentic Pujo cuisine, featuring mouth-watering delights such as Chicken chaap, Fish kobiraji, Langcha, Egg roll, Chum chum, and Koraishutir kochuri—delicious snacks that tug at the heartstrings of many Bengalis.

Durga Pujo stands as a much-anticipated, all-encompassing celebration for Bengalis—enveloping joy, camaraderie, spiritual resonance, and the delectable offerings of food outlets within Pujo Pandals.

In this campaign, Zomato crafts an uplifting tribute to the very essence of Pujo, effortlessly intertwining warmth and humour to show how food can surpass mere sustenance, becoming a symbol of love, unity, and tradition.

Sharing the ad on Instagram, Zomato accompanies it with a humorous caption, ‘We can’t deliver everything.’ Albeit that being true, the ad resonates with the fear of every Bengali foodie who'd shudder at the thought of missing out on the Pujo festivities, showing that with Zomato, one can relish traditional, lip-smacking Pujo-themed dishes anywhere.

This holds profound significance for those away from their hometown, city, or state, especially since Zomato launched Intercity Legends back in 2022. This service allows customers to order culinary specialities from other Indian states, ensuring that Bengalis unable to partake in Kolkata's Pujo festivities can still savour their cherished local Pujo dishes.

However, for Bengalis either away from or stuck at home—be it due to work commitments during Pujo or in unfortunate circumstances such as illness, as illustrated by the broken leg in the ad—the tagline, Pujor shaad ta Zomato baarite deliver korte paare—Zomato can deliver the taste of Pujo to your doorstep, brings forth another gratifying realisation.

Although Zomato can't bring the entirety of a Pujo Pandal to them—the dazzling décor, the artisanal craftsmanship of the statues, the dhunuchi dance, the beats of the dhak, the sound of conch shells, the late-night adda sessions, or the unending throngs of people in traditional lal shaari or dhuti kurta—the ad reassures us that, for those missing out on the festive spirit, it can still deliver a taste of Pujo's joy and celebration directly to their doorstep.

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