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From Zlade’s A.I. balls whisperer to Prime Video’s Jaggu Dada dub, brands get real on April Fools' Day

And before you scroll down, Elon Musk joins Disney, just letting you know.

The first of April is the only day when brands show the world their true faces because they tell us what they want to do when not restricted by the forces of demand and supply.

It is an unwritten ritual every year where like the concept models from automakers, brands reveal their deepest desires. Some fall for it, others remain wary of such outbursts. But, at the end of the day, it is good fun.

And this year is no different, here are some of the best April Fools' spots from brands.

The Jaggu Dada dub from Prime Video

Everything sounds better when Jackie Shroff’s voice is behind it. Prime Video’s shows and movies are no different. The video streamer has, along with the many language dubs, introduced the Jaggu Dada mode.

The streamer says, “Everything is 3x more entertaining on JAGGU DADA MODE.” We agree. Creative agency Bare Bones Collective has conceptualised and written the video.

Zlade’s ball whisperer

There is intimate grooming and intimate grooming. This one is neither the former nor the latter, it crosses the boundaries of imagination because how else does one explain an AI-powered intimate grooming and hygiene assistant (talk about boundaries) retailing for just Rs 1,424? 

KFC discards everything but the Rice Bowlz from its menu

Who knew the world's most famous spot for fried chicken cared so much for rice and its Rice Bowlz that it decided to eliminate everything else from its menu to announce its comeback? One has heard of Finger Lickin' Good, but not to such levels.

ClearTax’s Smile App

In a bid to smoothen the tax filing process, ClearTax has rolled out the Smile App. Why?

In the sage words of Mahith Menon, a senior product designer at the company, “While speaking to our customers, we noticed something alarming. They stress and worry in their filing… We just couldn’t accept that.”

All one needs to do is download the app and smile at it, the app’s advanced A.I. will analyse your facial features and download your financial data (goodbye privacy).

Elon Musk is Disney’s new Chief DEI Officer

Not your traditional brand, but the owner of X and Tesla loves to post his inner feelings without any filter. In this case, it is his new job at the House of Mouse.

Podcast as a Service from Razorpay

From Zlade’s A.I. balls whisperer to Prime Video’s Jaggu Dada dub, brands get real on April Fools' Day

Imagine creating a podcast within minutes on a topic of your choice, with over 20 celebrity guests including Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Biden, Batman, Ironman, Rihanna, Morgan Freeman, Rafael Nadal, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Serene Williams. Yes, imagine.

A new drone from ixigo and Abhibus

A drone for your phone that charges to maximum capacity in only 20 minutes. A creation of ixigo and AbhiBus, these are the little things one needs in life but doesn't know about it until they see it. The only catch? You don't get a phone with the drone.

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