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FUJIFILM India INSTAX captures Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon as brand ambassadors

INSTAX aims to enhance brand presence and resonance, encouraging audiences to immerse themselves in a vibrant "culture of photography.

FUJIFILM India, an imaging technology company with over 90 years of legacy in photo imaging, announces the onboarding of film stars Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aaryan as brand ambassadors for the INSTAX business in India. These youth icons embody the INSTAX spirit. Kriti, renowned for her vibrant fashion sense, complements Fujifilm’s colourful instant cameras, while Kartik’s infectious smile and spontaneity align seamlessly with the candid charm of INSTAX.

The INSTAX series celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary last year, introduced by Fujifilm to India in 2012 with Analog Instant Cameras, Hybrid Instant Cameras, Smartphone Printers, and the innovative INSTAX Pal digital camera. With a strategic focus on Generation Z, INSTAX products are accessible through diverse retail channels and their dedicated D2C platform,

Sharing her excitement, actress and brand ambassador, Kriti Sanon, voiced her enthusiasm, "I am excited to join the INSTAX family and share this unique experience with others. I've cherished INSTAX for years, curating a scrapbook of cherished moments with loved ones. Each INSTAX print signifies a special memory, evoking a rush of emotions which is unmatchable in this digital era. The playful and aesthetic design of their cameras and printers perfectly complements my personality, making INSTAX an essential part of my life."

On the occasion, actor and brand ambassador, Kartik Aaryan said, "I live in the moment and cherish capturing candid moments on the go. INSTAX is my constant companion during travels for shoot and vacation. I love sharing INSTAX prints with my near and dear ones as a heartfelt, personal gift from me. I have captured so many personal candid moments with Katori and my family and hanged on my house walls. Each print holds a unique memory, preserving moments of joy that I can share with others, creating lasting bonds through the magic of instant photography."

Koji Wada, managing director of FUJIFILM India, stated, "We are delighted to welcome Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aaryan to the INSTAX family. Their energy and enthusiasm perfectly align with our Group Philosophy of “Giving our World More Smiles”. As influential youth icons, they embody the creativity and joy INSTAX stands for. We are confident their association will inspire more people to experience the unique charm of instant photography, creating and sharing lasting memories. We look forward to a wonderful collaboration that brings even More Smiles to our customers across India."

Adding on, Arun Babu, associate director and head of digital camera, INSTAX and optical devices business at FUJIFILM India, voiced, "With Kriti and Kartik on board, we aim to enhance our brand reach and connect with the youth. INSTAX is a celebration of life's moments, and our new ambassadors perfectly aligns with this spirit. Leveraging their popularity, we intend to broaden the INSTAX brand across India, promoting a vibrant 'culture of photography' where capturing and sharing moments is a joyful part of everyday life.”

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