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Furlenco and creator Nirmal Pillai spoof Akshay Kumar’s Harpic toilet cleaner ad

What does a homeowner do when Kumar is no longer interested in their toilet’s cleanliness?

Seeing actor Akshay Kumar enter people’s homes with a Harpic cleaner in hand to investigate their toilet cleanliness is part of India’s ad pop culture.

Furlenco, a furniture company, has spoofed this ad trope with Nirmal Pillai, a digital creator. He, playing Kumar, enters Mrs Batra’s home to inspect the toilet but the furniture of the home distracts him.

Enthralled he is to such levels that Mrs Batra wonders if she is in a toilet cleaner ad or a furniture ad. When fake Akshay asks where did she got her furniture, an anthropomorphic Furlenco appears and touts the brand’s designer furniture that is available to buy and rent at affordable prices and delivered in 72 hours.

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This is not the first time one brand has spoofed another’s ad. Rewards platform Magicpin made news when it spoofed ads from CRED and Flipkart a couple of years ago.

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