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Give your neighbourhood thambi dosa wala a run for his money with your round dosa courtesy of iD Fresh Food

The food company has launched a dosa maker following in the footsteps of the vada maker.

Have you tried and failed to make a round dosa? Do not worry, you are not alone. The mystical ability to dole out the exact measure of batter and spread it evenly in a neat has remained a mystery for most people. No more thanks to iD Fresh Food.

The Bengaluru based food products company has released an ad for its ‘iD Dosa Maker’, a neat innovation that lets you shape your dosa into neat concentric circles; it’s magic.

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This is not the first time iD Fresh Food has introduced an innovative product. In 2018, the company launched a vada maker; a tube with a blade-like tiny device attached to the nozzle that let you get the perfect circle that is characteristic of a medu vada. And let us not forget its ‘Smart Sip Tender Coconut’.