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Goodknight shows father-child's connection in its new TVC campaign

Through this film, the brand aims to encourage young fathers and mothers to protect their baby from mosquitoes.

Goodknight, a household insecticide brand from the house of Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL), has introduced a TVC campaign featuring Goodknight liquid where it showcases the bond between a father and child and the importance of uninterrupted and peaceful sleep for an infant. Through this film, Goodknight aims to encourage young fathers and mothers to protect their baby’s slumber time from dangerous mosquitoes. Light Box, the creative powerhouse within Godrej Consumer Products, came up with the concept for this campaign.

The insight where mothers are often seen as the primary caregivers, the brand employs fathers as creative device and acknowledge their efforts in ensuring child’s peaceful sleep.

The campaign highlights how Goodknight liquid partners with both fathers and mothers to deliver completely safe and the most effective protection against mosquitoes for their child.

The TVC released as part of the campaign stars actor Zeeshan Ayyub as a father to a new-born. It begins with him rushing home from a busy office meeting, anxious to reach his front door. Upon arrival, his face shows disappointment for being late as his baby slept. It's revealed his urgency was to wish his newborn goodnight. Concerned for uninterrupted sleep, he activates a Goodknight vapouriser, symbolising his love. Seeing his disappointment, his wife points to the Goodknight liquid, indicating he already said goodnight. The TVC ends with the parents admiring the baby sleeping peacefully, conveying the message – all fathers are perfect, even if they can't always say goodnight.

Speaking about the campaign, Shekhar Saurabh, AVP and category head – home care, Godrej Consumer Products, said, "Goodnight is India’s leading household insecticide brand trusted by families across the country. We are part of many Indian households ensuring safe and effective protection against mosquitoes. The TVC campaign emphasises the critical role of uninterrupted sleep in an infant's overall health and well-being, underscoring how even a lone mosquito can disrupt it. We are further committed to raising awareness among parents and equipping them with effective solutions to safeguard their child's sleep.”

“Light Box, which is GCPL’s in-house creative studio, brings this unique campaign of Goodknight as parenting becomes a dual role. It’s time we acknowledge the shift where both mothers and fathers are contributing to the well-being of their child. Today, fathers enthusiastically embrace this new phase of life, demonstrating greater involvement than ever in nurturing their little ones.

The campaign has the right messaging and interesting real-life insights, curated together through seamless partnership between Goodknight and Light Box”, added Chirag Aga, AVP – brand equity, Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL).

Commenting on the campaign's theme, actor Zeeshan Ayyub stated, "Fatherhood is about more than just being there. It is about being present, even when you are not. It is time to dispel the stereotype that fathers do not care about their children or that they are too busy to be involved in their lives. As a father myself, I understand the importance of making small efforts for my kid. For example, I make sure to read my daughter a bedtime story whenever I am in town. I may not be able to do ten things, but I will try my best to do atleast those critical six tasks. It is a privilege to be associated with a trusted brand like Goodknight, whose campaign represents the countless trying dads like me out there, exemplifying the spirit of love and dedication.”

Goodknight’s latest campaign thought resonates with the evolving role of fathers, celebrating their unconditional love and their enduring efforts to be there, even when they can't physically be present.

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