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Google projects the Google App as e-comm aggregator ahead of festive sales

The latest ad film for Google App showcases it as a discovery platform for e-commerce websites.

Of all Google features and services, the least talked about is probably the Google app. Yes, the Google App and not the Android OS or the Chrome browser. Google just launched an ad film for the app and there are a few things about it.

First, the app has been projected as an aggregator for e-commerce websites. Then, it comes just before the major online sales in India. And then, the cast of the film which is all senior citizens.

The film opens up with two grannies busy scroll shopping for a pair of headphones. Both are busy hopping between sites scanning for discounts and trying to find the right product at the right price. A third granny joins the conversation and suggests the Google app for easy search. She informs that the Google app is the single point discovery platform for all e-commerce searches.

The film closes with the tagline, “Shopping Se Pehle Google Search Pe Shopping.” This points us to the timing of the ad film. It comes at a time when India is just about to hit the festive online shopping mode with with e-comm majors like Amazon and Flipkart announcing their sales. The Google app has Google’s search function at its core. And, the film invites searches on the app before actually making a purchase on a particular e-commerce website.

A major chunk of e-commerce in India happens on mobile phones. Searches happen on the e-commerce apps. While the searches on the Google app will generate search data for Google, it could also boost discovery of lesser known or emerging players in the Indian e-commerce business. Do notice ‘Reliance Digital’, the only major non d2c e-commerce website mentioned in the film – Google has interests in Reliance’s digital business.

The cast full of senior citizens could mean two things, one, the Google app is extremely easy to use or, Indian senior citizens are learning their e-commerce lessons quickly.