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Haldiram's highlights a gift for everyone with ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram's’ campaign

The brand has partnered with Komal Pandey and Kritika Khurana for their latest Diwali campaign.

Haldiram's has unveiled its all-new Diwali campaign, ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram's’. The campaign highlights the extensive range of Diwali gifting options, including sweets, dry fruits, namkeen, chocolates and assorted gift hampers.

The campaign aims to communicate that Haldiram's has something for everyone, making it the best choice for thoughtful and flavour-filled gifts for family and friends.

Haldiram's has launched a CGI film featuring multiple choppers carrying big gifts and delivering them to strategic locations across different outlets. The boxes are filled with an assortment of sweets, dry fruits, namkeen, chocolates and gift hampers, symbolising the tradition of sharing joy and love during Diwali throughout the nation.

The brand is targeting both offline and online audiences through featured print advertisements, in-store branding and a comprehensive performance-based marketing strategy, collaborating with influencers like Komal Pandey and Kritika Khurana to reach a wide audience.

Speaking about the campaign, Kailash Agarwal, president- retail, Haldiram's, said, "Diwali is a time when families come together to share love and happiness and gifting plays a crucial role in expressing those sentiments. With our extensive range of Diwali gifts, we want to help people make their loved ones feel special."

Adding to this, Divya Batra, head of marketing, Haldiram's, said, "We have carefully crafted a mix of traditional and contemporary gifting ideas, allowing our customers to choose gifts that resonate with their emotions. We believe that our campaign will connect with everyone looking to make this Diwali memorable for their loved ones."

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