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Hasan Minhaj and Adobe team up to celebrate ‘Acrobat’

The ad films highlight how Adobe Acrobat helps to make professional lives easier.

American comedian Hasan Minhaj and Adobe have collaborated for the latter’s latest series of ad films highlighting Acrobat - a family of application software and web services.

The films highlight how Acrobat, developed by Adobe, helps to make professional lives easier.

In the latest ad, Minhaj is seen visiting an office and informing the employees about the benefits of going paper-free - it can make them work more efficiently. Minhaj is seen climbing on tables, riding chairs and warning people on how paper can ‘cut’ them. According to the brand, this film is a celebration of 30 years of Acrobat.

In another film from the same series, Minhaj is seen playing himself. He is being convinced about signing an ad film for Adobe. The details of the deal are being discussed and edited on a PDF copy of the contract in real-time.

In the film, Minhaj asks ‘scallops’ for lunch as a condition, which is added to the contract. The film highlights how Acrobat makes it possible for people to edit and sign documents in real-time as well as on the go. It is then implied that this itself was an ad for Acrobat, without Minhaj realising it. Minhaj is then served with a plate of scallops.

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