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Soft masculinity from 'fathers raised by daughters' shines in Tanishq’s Father’s Day spot

Leena Gupta from Talented.Agency is the writer behind the ad, and Ria Singh of Bubblewrap Films is the director.

In a world of tough alphas and no-nonsense sigmas, there is something incredibly warm and comforting about soft masculinity.  

We see such a man in jewellery brand Tanishq’s ad for Father’s Day from Talented.Agency. He is an ordinary guy, but his extraordinary trait is that he is willing to listen to his daughter and let her thoughts and opinions shape him, especially when she is young, rather than cruelly dismiss them or worse, stoically ignore her words.

And the fruits of such malleability? She tells him she is going on a date rather than lie to him. It is just one example of how a kid will give back to a dad who is soft, not stern.

The pride of all this raising by the daughter is told in the admonishing of Uncle Manish's conservative questioning of father dearest's daughter staying outside till midnight.

“I’ve been your father for 28 years now. I’ve learnt a thing or two about standing up to such questions,” he says.  

Tanishq’s ongoing ad strategy is to take slice-of-life moments, bring forward the poignancy behind them, and yet leave the viewer with a hopeful smile towards the end.

And while the ads play, it takes a backseat and only shows itself as a natural part of the setting. There are to call to actions annoyances.

A few such recent ads are listed below:

Leena Gupta, creative and founding member, Talented.Agency is the writer behind the ad titled ‘Fathers, written by daughters.’

Here is the credits list based on Gupta’s LinkedIn post


Geetanshi Bhayana

Ishita Shukla

Pelki Tshering



Angelina Kurian

Binaifer Dulani

Karthik Nambiar

Manal Doshi

Nabil Kureshi

Neil Mathew

Prashant Gopalakrishnan

Shruti Patkar

Sonal Arora

Tasha D’Silva

Vivek Pandey

Bubblewrap Films



Ria Singh

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