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Here are some brands hitting sixes and fours with ads this ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

Between Zomato, Vicks, and Livspace, these are some ads with the ‘howzat’ factor, this tournament.

As India finds itself immersed in a series of captivating sporting extravaganza in the ongoing ICC Men's Cricket World Cup, the advertising landscape has emerged as a spectacle in its own right.

The World Cup, a cricketing carnival of unparalleled significance, assumes an almost sacred status in the hearts of cricket enthusiasts across the Indian subcontinent. The cricketing fraternity here breathes, lives, and occasionally holds its collective breath, in tandem with the fortunes of the Men in Blue. This year, with the tournament's crescendo building, the advertising fraternity has seized the opportunity to weave narratives that resonate with the pulsating spirit of the nation. Take a look.


Zomato’s Ab Indiaa-India ka time hai campaign features actor Ranveer Singh and international cricket sensation Chris Gayle. The duo is seen rooting for team India this World Cup season.

The ad starts with a shot of deserted streets as everyone seems engrossed in the cricket matches. 

However, a Zomato delivery executive rushing to deliver food arrives at Ranveer Singh's house, where Singh and Gayle start to debate about the app's name, Zomaito or Zomato. Singh then asks the delivery executive to intervene, who says, “It’s not the time to debate about Zomaito-Zomato but rather a time to cheer for “India-Indiaa.”

Livspace's Virat and Anushka

Moving into a new house might be a sort of dream come true for any couple. But what if you discover that your new house also is home to demonic entities? Seems like a run of the mill idea for any horror flick, right? However, home interior and renovation company Livspace deemed these premises fit to play the background for their new world cup ad campaign featuring cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma.

The two 30 second ad films see Kohli, wearing a turban, and Sharma, encounter ghosts trying to interact with them in their new home. The ghosts chose to inhabit unconventional places like a kitchen cabinet and a closet. 

While the ghost tries to come out of the closet, she gets stuck due to a malfunctioning groove. In the second ad, encounters the ghost in a poorly assembled cabinet. Asking if poor quality interiors haunt you, then one can try Livspace for quality home solutions.

Vicks Cough Drops

The #VicksKholIndiaBol anthem, a harmonious collaboration with cricketing maestro Yuvraj Singh, emerges as a beacon, beckoning millions to lend their voices to the collective cheer, unencumbered by the notorious 'khich khich.'

The lyrics, intricately woven, unravel the narrative of how a resounding cheer can tip the scales of a match and amplify the passion that courses through the veins of cricket aficionados across the nation. 

Vicks Cough Drops, in its perennial commitment to inclusivity, extends its embrace to the estimated 6.3 crore strong hearing impaired community through a vibrant rendition of the anthem in Indian sign language, crafted in collaboration with India Signing Hands.

MAK Lubricants

Bharat Petroleum recently teamed up with Rahul Dravid to promote MAK Lubricant as an integral component for vehicles. Three well-crafted ads were produced, resembling mini-movies that depict relatable everyday situations.

The first TVC, tailored for car owners, skillfully captures the essence of commonplace household discussions escalating into serious debates over trivial matters. Similarly, the second TVC, targeting bike and scooter owners, draws humour from the intricate decisions surrounding love and life. Dravid's intervention serves as a reminder that decisions, whether related to engine oil or relationships, should be approached with careful consideration.Lastly, directed at truck owners, the third advertisement humorously illustrates the ripple effect of a breakdown, connecting it to the closure of a beloved dhaba. 

Dravid, with his consistently reliable persona, injects humour in the ads, emphasising the importance of making informed choices, whether it's about engine oil or matters of daily life.

The ads' impact was heightened by the diverse array of characters depicted, ranging from the sincere husband and the perplexed scooter owner to the amiable Sardarji. This multifaceted portrayal introduces an additional layer of authenticity and relatability to the storytelling, significantly enhancing its overall appeal and enjoyment.


After spending a whopping Rs 150 crores to secure advertising rights for the World Cup, the ball was in the court for digital payments and financial services startup PhonePe to make the most of the monumental advertising platform that the tournament offers. With a total of 9, 15-20 second ad films, the brand promotes two facets of their business.

The first, three 15-second ads, developed by The Script Room, tactfully raised essential health insurance questions within a hospital backdrop. Humorous and concise, they addressed financial strains caused by unforeseen medical expenses, demonstrating PhonePe's health insurance platform.

Simultaneously, the brand highlighted its compatibility with other digital payment apps and the proposition of no pin needed for making small payments through six 20-second ads. Ramesh Srinivasan, PhonePe's director and head-brand marketing, acknowledged the selection of the main character for these films, a young girl in a new city.  "While we always end up shooting every ad in Mumbai, what if we begin only with films that open in Mumbai. New Girl in the city," he said.


Policybazaar is once again showcasing the comedic talent of Kapil Sharma in a series of ad films, officially welcoming him back as the brand ambassador. The actor-comedian, who teamed up with the brand in the past for the witty campaign Ullu-Thullu, is back with his signature style to educate customers about the benefits of comparing and buying insurance. 

His ‘term insurance’ ad was showcased on Disney+ Hotstar during the CWC ‘23 semi-final match between India and New Zealand on November 15, 2023.

By injecting humour into the detailed realm of insurance, Sharma leverages his widespread popularity to spread the message. The comedian's distinctive style aligns seamlessly with the campaign, reflecting the brand's mission to simplify insurance and make it more accessible to people. This partnership will be rolling out more ads in the series.

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