Abid Hussain Barlaskar

Here’s how Bingo! Mad Angles wafers leapt out of billboards

The animated OOH initiative from ITC is aimed at informing consumers about Mad Angles’ newly launched packaging.

ITC’s snacks brand Bingo! recently revamped the package design for its Mad Angles line of chips. In its communications, the brand is assuring consumers that it will be the same triangular wafer in the new pack.

Among initiatives aimed at consumer awareness are the brand’s animated billboards. The outdoor ads feature both the new and old packs side by side and show a Mad Angle chip leaping out of the old pack and into the new.

Apart from catching the attention of passersby, the offline initiative is also generating conversations online. It came full circle when people captured videos of the billboard and shared them on social media.

The billboards were put up in Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Vizag and Guwahati. The idea was conceptualized by Ogilvy, Bangalore and executed by out-of-home specialist agency Kinetic India.

The innovation used is a ‘motorized cut-out’. The wafting chip is being guided by an arm driven by a motor hidden behind the billboard.

Bingo! Mad Angles is known for its youth-centric, quirky communication. An ITC spokesperson tells afaqs! that the brand wanted to convey that Mad Angles is shedding its old packaging, and will now be available in new, more premium looking packs.

“Visual movement of the mad angles from old packs to new packs is what we wanted the consumer to enjoy. We looked at the problem from a 'Mad Angles' lens and felt that there's no better way to attract eyeballs than move the chips from old pack to new pack. And that's exactly what we did,” the spokesperson adds.