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I once had a boss who loved brainstorming over beers: Rahul Mathew, DDB Mudra

A fun and light-hearted Q&A series with India’s biggest creative folks; here is DDB Mudra’s CCO.

DDB Mudra found itself changing last year with the introduction of Omnicom Advertising Services (OAS). 

Rahul Mathew has his work cut out, but enough about that. Here’s a fun chat with the chief creative officer. 

A Cannes Lions or a less than 10-minute commute to your office from home? 

A quick commute will give more time and mind space for the work that could go on to win Cannes.

Political advertising. Yay or nay?

Being politically correct was never my strength. So, going to give the question a miss.

What is your guilty pleasure on Instagram?

Not being on it. 

Which client story would you love to regale your guests at a dinner party a decade from now?

We speak so much about our work life at work. Let’s reserve dinner conversations for discussing other stuff.

The most scandalous story you have heard at your present or former workplace.

We are an industry of storytellers, with an unparalleled ability to spin the outrageous. So, rather early in my career, I stopped believing, sharing or participating in the telling. 

What is your presentation hack at pitch meetings?

Not trying to hack it. 

What is the tea on working with celebs?

Fortunately, I haven't had to handle many celeb projects throughout my career. I’ve had people on my team who were just better at it. 

Drinking on the job. Cheers or not at all?

I once had a boss who loved brainstorming over beers. In my head, the whole notion of creatives cracking ideas, while knocking back a few, was totally cool. However, in the morning, none of those spectacular ideas sounded remotely as good. So, no drinking and thinking for me.

What is your career in an alternative universe?

Official fan of every sporting event in the universe. 

OTTs, audio streamers, magazines, websites, to whom do you willingly subscribe?

Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, JioCinema, Fast Company, Wired, and The New York Times are the ones on the top of my head.

Your most expensive purchase on an advertising person's salary?

A three-week holiday to New Zealand.

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