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IIFL Home Finance launches second film with Pawan Malhotra as Bharosa Bhau

The company has partnered with Schbang to create a new film that showcases IIFL Home Finance as a reliable partner.

IIFL Home Finance, a digital-first home finance company, has announced the launch of its second film featuring veteran actor Pawan Malhotra as Bharosa Bhau. The film endures to capture the essence of trust and support that the brand offers its customers.

Building upon the established character of Bharosa Bhau, known for his reliability and guidance, the new film delves deeper into the concept of trust, showcasing real-life situations where individuals rely on Bharosa Bhau’s wisdom. The narrative transitions to Bharosa Bhau placing his own trust in IIFL Home Finance, further solidifying the brand's image as a trustworthy partner for fulfilling dreams of homeownership.

IIFL Home Finance has again partnered with Schbang, to deliver a new film. This collaboration promises to amplify the film's reach across India. Centered on the powerful theme "Saath Honge Kaamyaab," the film will resonate deeply with viewers in their own languages, forging a bond between the brand and its audience.

The second film pivots on a powerful symbol of trust Bharosa Bhau, played by Pawan Malhotra. Known for his dependability and wise counsel, Bharosa Bhau embodies the very essence of trust that resonates deeply with audiences seeking guidance. He transitions from being the ultimate intermediary of trust in everyday life to placing his own trust in IIFL Home Finance.

'Saath Honge Kaamyaab' campaign by IIFL Home Finance
'Saath Honge Kaamyaab' campaign by IIFL Home Finance

Commenting on the launch, Madhvi Gupta, head, marketing, ESG and CSR, IIFL Home Finance, said, “With our first film, we planted the seeds of trust. Now, this second chapter in our story solidifies that bond. 'Saath Honge Kaamyaab' demonstrates that we are more than just a lender. We are a steadfast partner, walking beside our customers as they navigate their financial journeys. Whether it's the dream of homeownership or the ambition to grow a business, we understand that trust is the foundation of success. With IIFL Home Finance, you can be confident that your aspirations have a true champion.”

Commenting on the film, Manish Kinger, executive creative director, Schbang, said, “With the first film, we established Bharosa Bhau as a symbol of trust. Now, we build upon that foundation. This second chapter in 'Saath Honge Kaamyaab' goes beyond humor, forging a deeper, more meaningful connection with our audience. It's a testament to our commitment to be more than just a financial institution; we are a trusted friend, an unwavering partner on your journey to success."


IIFL Home Finance's Brand Team:

Madhvi Gupta, Head - Marketing, ESG and CSR

Surbhi Gupta, Brand Manager

Schbang Creative:

Manish Kinger, Executive Creative Director

Baani Singh, Group Creative Manager

Tarana Jagota, Sr. Creative Strategist

Ali Ahmad, Creative Strategist

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