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IKEA India shows how organizing can save time with ‘Ads That Skip You’ Series

IKEA’s 6-second ads that helps you organise your home faster than skipping ads on YouTube.

IKEA India has introduced a series of ‘Ads That Skip You’ that showcases its range of organizing solutions that can help consumers save time. The campaign consists of three 6-second non skippable ads on YouTube displaying the benefit of organization with respect to time, the home gets organised before the consumer can skip ads on YouTube.  

The series of ads is a part of IKEA India’s latest campaign ‘organising is awesome’ which is directed towards integral aspects of daily life: quick organisation for your bedroom and bathroom. IKEA India's innovative campaign highlights the fact that organisation isn't merely about arranging products; it’s a gateway to an efficient and stress-free lifestyle. In the spotlight of this campaign are the SLÄKT kids’ bed with storage, LILLTJÄRN under sink cabinet, and VESKEN trolley. Together, these products re-establish IKEA’s position as a leader in storage and organising solutions.   

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