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IKEA's 'Organising is Awesome' campaign adds a playful spin to storage solutions

The three-part film campaign showcases relatable banter between objects and how IKEA’s smart storage solutions save the day.

IKEA, a Swedish multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, has launched three brand films that showcase a relatable banter between everyday objects that are trapped together in a sea of clutter and how IKEA’s smart storage solutions save the day.

Each film takes a humorous and playful spin on colloquial conversation, addressing the clutter challenges in three distinct scenarios and showcasing the wardrobe, shoe cabinet, and kitchen cabinet.

The wardrobe reveals two belts warning a tie of the trench he might fall into. The shoe cabinet, stuffed with footwear for every occasion, turns into a crowded train where everyone is fighting for space. The kitchen shows a dialogue between an uncle, a pack of snacks playing with his nephew, a stand of cutlery.

Playing on the element of personification, the campaigns breathe life into household items, turning them into relatable characters that talk to each other. IKEA brings to life the chaos that follows without proper organisation, contrasting it with the harmonious order achieved through its storage solutions.

“At IKEA, we understand that keeping your home organised is not just about practicality; it's about reclaiming your space and rediscovering the joy of the things you love. Through these films, we aim to not only bring laughter and relatability but also to showcase how IKEA's affordable and innovative storage solutions can make a significant difference in the lives of many. Organising is not just a task; it's a celebration of the things we love,” said Anna Ohlin, country marketing manager, IKEA India.

Adding to that, Pravin Sutar, head of creative, Leo Burnett Orchard, said, “Where there is chaos, there is drama. And as Indians, we love drama. This insight ushed us to dramatize everyday storage environments, with IKEA’s organising solutions acting as the perfect foil. This campaign offers a humorous take on the comedy of chaos, drawing parallels to everyday life and the entertainment it offers to every Indian.”

The Organising Is Awesome campaign will run across broadcast and digital channels, including TV, Reels, Skip Ads, Outdoor, and Print.


Agency: Leo Burnett Orchard

Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe South Asia and Chairman, Leo Burnett South Asia: Rajdeepak Das

Chief Executive Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia: Amitesh Rao


National Creative Director: Vikram Pandey

Head of Creative: Pravin Sutar

Associate Executive Creative Director: Jamuna Poovaiah & Sandeep Iyer

Creative Director: Natasha Khubchandani & Niharika Mishra

Creative Director, Regional: Uday Kumar

Art Director: Akhil Rajan

Copywriter: Shikhar Chandrakar

Account Management:

Senior Vice President: Bhawana Choudhary

Brand Services Director: Shreyash Goenka & Suraj Kanduri

Senior Brand Services Associate: Subhasree Bose


Executive Vice President, Strategy: Mittu Torka

Brand Strategy Director: Vrudhi Doshi

Director: Ravi Shankar

Production House: Black Picture

Producer: Vrinda Mohta & Gurjyot Singh

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