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Inspector Chetan Bhagat cracks the case of wrong career choices in Henry Harvin's latest campaign

The campaign 'StuckAtTheWrongJob' aims to inspire individuals to pursue their passions and break free from career constraints.

Henry Harvin Education, an ed-tech platform for upskilling and reskilling programs for young professionals has collaborated with author and thought leader Chetan Bhagat for its latest ad campaign titled StuckAtTheWrongJob. The campaign aims to inspire individuals to pursue their passions and break free from career constraints.      

The campaign video features a couple rushing into a police station to report the "theft" of their son, portrayed by Chetan Bhagat himself. Officer Chetan Bhagat, transforms the routine act of filing a complaint into a captivating story infused with humor. In this scenario, the stolen item is not a physical possession but a misdirected career path. The narrative unfolds with Bhagat adding a touch of drama and wit, creating an engaging and memorable storyline.

The ad concludes with Bhagat suggesting a unique FIR title, "Maa k Anchal se Anchal ko Maa banane tak ka safar" (The journey from the mother's embrace to embracing one's passion). The voice-over transitions to a promotion for Henry Harvin's diverse courses, encouraging individuals to break free from the shackles of a wrong career choice and explore over 1200 courses across various industries.

Speaking about the TVC, Kounal Gupta, founder and CEO, Henry Harvin Education, said, "Our aim with the StuckAtTheWrongJob campaign is to encourage individuals to break free from the monotony of a misaligned career and embark on a journey of self-discovery through education. Chetan Bhagat's unique blend of humor and storytelling adds a refreshing touch to our message, making it relatable and impactful.”

The campaign will be featured on television channels and various digital platforms, including Henry Harvin’s YouTube channel and social assets.

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