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Instagram lures creators with its ‘Reels’ dangle in a new set of ads

The short-video segment is cluttered and divided; catching the best creators is the new must-do for brands in the space.

Facebook-owned Instagram’s new set of ads for Reels, its in-app short-video feature, makes one thing evident: creators are the biggest fish in the short-video pool. The more creators on your platform, the more will viewers flock to your short-video offering.

According to consultancy firm Bain’s ‘Online Videos in India - The Long and Short of It’ report, “More than 200 million Indians watched short format videos (SFVs) at least once in 2020, with an active user spending up to 45 minutes a day on these platforms.”

The glaring aspect of the ads is the diversity of creators Instagram Reels aims to reel and it’s also a message to viewers of the different types of content you get to enjoy on the app. There’s rap, cooking, family, and more.

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After India banned ByteDance-owned TikTok last year in a retaliatory move against its neighbour China, the short-video space of India was up for grabs and we saw a gamut of brands do their best to catch the TikTok's gigantic audience share. Some of them being Josh, MX TakaTak, Roposo, Moj. This had led the segment to resemble a proverbial fish market today.