Benita Chacko

ISA Media Charter’s remaining initiatives to be released in 30-45 days: Chairman Sunil Kataria

It encompasses six crucial areas, of which one has been rolled out and another is a long way to go.

The Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA), the apex national body representing advertisers across the country, will be releasing the remaining four initiatives of the ISA Media Charter in the next 30 to 45 days, said Sunil Kataria, chairman of ISA, during Goafest. 

Speaking during a Knowledge Seminar ‘Evolving Market Landscape: Navigating The New Normal’ with Shashank Srivastava, a member of the executive committee at Maruti Suzuki, and moderated by Anuradha SenGupta, founder of @anuradhasays, Kataria said, “Our attempt is to have this charter out in the next one month to 45 days. We have rolled out one initiative. The balance four subcommittee outputs, which are industry-wide initiatives, will be rolled out in the next 45 days.” 

The ISA Media Charter encompasses six crucial areas that are of paramount concern to advertisers. The first area- ISA Model Media Agency Agreement- has been rolled out. Meanwhile, ISA, FFFI, IBDF and publishers are working on four subcommittees. 

1. Common Minimum Standard for First-Party Data: To establish guidelines for the responsible collection and usage of consumer data, prioritising privacy and consumer protection.

2. Zero Tolerance to Ad-Fraud: To create a vigilant environment in the industry where ad- fraud is unequivocally condemned and stringent measures are adopted to eliminate fraudulent practices.

3. Brand Safety: To ensure brands are showcased in secure environments, free from content that may harm their reputation.

4. Viewability: To address the challenges posed by digital advancements and to ensure ads are genuinely viewable by the target audience.

This comprehensive initiative aims to safeguard the interests of brands by promoting fair and transparent practices in the advertising industry.

However, Kataria said there is a long way to go for the sixth area- Cross-Screen Measurement, that is to get one common currency between digital and television.

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