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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Apple is ‘feeling fuzzy’

Watch the brand plug its iPhone 15 in a stop-motion holiday film.

Apple has unveiled its annual holiday-themed ad, a miniature opus titled Fuzzy Feelings. This year's cinematic vignette, akin to an animated short film, brings to you a tale that orbits the life of an unassuming animator, her diurnal toil, and the alchemy of the Yuletide spirit.

Set to the melodic strains of George Harrison's Isn't It a Pity, the film puts together the aesthetics of stop-motion and reality, offering viewers a glimpse into the artistic process. Notably, in line with the established trend of Apple ads, it is revealed that the entirety of the stop-motion sequences were deftly captured using the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and then edited on MacBook Air.

The celluloid chronicle unfolds with the spotlight cast upon the animator, who, in fleeting interludes of her corporate life, diligently crafts a holiday-themed tableau - a narrative art that succinctly summarises the festive fervour of Christmas. 

The plot delves intermittently into the animator's bumpy relationship with her corporate overseer, a figure emblematic of managerial dourness. He emerges as the villain bent on conflict. Yet, the animator, a maestro of the miniature, discovers her catharsis in rendering her superior in an art form of whimsical comfort – a stop-motion visual depiction where he battles Christmas lights, and snow blankets him unceremoniously in a street.

Towards the end of the film, the animator finds her boss visibly lonesome in a cafe. And, as is the charm of Christmas, she accompanies him the next time she sees him alone. 

Fuzzy Feelings appears to be a continuation of Apple’s tradition of holiday films every year. This year, the ad film is supplemented by a separate behind-the-scenes video, revealing the artistic process that went behind creating the artwork. Take a look.

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