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Jack Daniel’s toasts social distancing in an intimate new ad

It is the whiskey brand's nod to how we humans have managed to make social distancing social during this health crisis.

Human beings are social animals. Coop us in a place for far too long, we grow anxious and may lash out, that’s who we are. Unfortunately, it’s exactly what we’re going through right now.

Coronavirus, a pandemic with no vaccine yet has forced countries to lock their citizens in their homes as a precautionary measure intended to halt the virus’ spread.

It has forced us to adopt alternative modes of communication like video conferencing for everyday conversations because social distancing is one of the primary measures we ought to take against the virus.

Jack Daniel’s new ad celebrates this very social distancing that has been forced upon us. Titled ‘With Love, Jack’, the ad was created by creative agency, Energy BBDO.

For the ad, user-generated footage of real human interactions was used that was filmed, safely from home. It features a new rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” which was also recorded from home by the singers featured in the video.

Jack Daniel’s toasts social distancing in an intimate new ad

In the ad, we are shown instances where people are still connected despite the distance. There are people clinking glasses and playing chess over video calls, playing table tennis using cookware, zoom chats, neighbours playing a game across their balconies, and more.

In the end, the message says, “Dear humanity, cheers to making social distancing, social. With love, Jack”

A report in The Drum on 27 March 2020, has Matt Blevins, Jack Daniel’s global brand director saying, “Showcasing how our friends around the world are rallying and uniting together during these times was our goal. It was about capturing real moments that are helping folks find social connection, which is something Jack Daniel’s celebrates.”

Josh Gross, co-chief creative officer of Energy BBDO added: “We’ve all had to rapidly adapt to this new reality, and we discovered this magical thing where people are finding really creative and beautiful ways to stay connected during this time of social distancing.”

CNBC on March 26, 2020, said, "...Jack Daniels-maker Brown-Forman and others have launched similar efforts to donate or sell at cost the alcohol needed to make sanitizer under the World Health Organization guidelines."

Also, several other unexpected brands have come forward to make Coronavirus supplies as there has been an acute shortage of them.

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