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Jindal Steel launches 'The Steel of India' campaign, celebrating the steely resolve of Indians

The track aims to capture the nation's spirit and its expanding infrastructure, accompanied by steel sounds.

 Jindal Steel has launched a new brand campaign celebrating the spirit of India. The campaign, titled "The Steel of India," is a blend of visuals and music that pays tribute to steel as the silent force driving our daily lives.

In a two-minute film and a series of portraits, Jindal Steel pays homage to the country by celebrating steel and the steely resolve of Indians. From the minutiae of our daily lives to the grandeur of our expansive landscapes, it captures not just the grit and belief of our people but also the ever-growing infrastructure that mirrors the relentless progress of our great nation.

Sabyasachi Bandhopadhyay, MD of Jindal Steel, expressed, "Our goal was to craft something powerful for India. Beyond the physical strength, we wanted to showcase steel in all its glory—capturing not just its tangible attributes but what we truly stand for as a brand. The strides we've taken as a nation made this the opportune moment to celebrate the steely resolve of all Indians.”

Amrish Kondurkar, founder and creative director of Kondurkar Studio, shares, "We set out to unleash the resounding, steely voice of India, encapsulating steel in its essence—grit, strength, and growth. Our quest for raw authenticity found a perfect expression through Ayappa K.M and Bharat Sikka." 

The print campaign shot by Bharat Sikka features portraits of individuals from various backgrounds, celebrating the unyielding resolve of Indians in a raw, authentic manner. As for the film, Ayappa K.M emphasises the journey of steel from grit to fire, blending image and music. From Jindal’s steel factories to Kerala's Kalaripayattu, the film traverses diverse landscapes, offering a visual ode that’s rooted in culture. Complemented by a track composed by Sneha Khanwalkar using the sounds of steel, the film is a fresh and original experience.

Sneha Khanwalkar, expresses, "Creating a track with the sounds of steel was a unique challenge, and I am happy with how it turned out." The campaign is now being executed across TV, digital platforms, cinemas, billboards, and newspaper ads. 


Creative: Amrish Kondurkar, Sanya Malhotra, Muskaan Jain, Ishita Sharma, 

Strategy Planning: Sohini Pani     

Business Management: Ruchika Khanna

Film Direction: Ayappa K.M

Film Production: Anand Menon, Early Man Film

Direction of Photography: Daniel Fernandez Abello

Editing: Aitor Bigas

Music: Sneha Khanwalkar

Photography: Bharat Sikka

Print Production: Imran Khatri Production

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