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JioAds unveils its own AI tool for advertisers, Picasso.AI

The platform is aimed at local businesses in creating compelling video creatives tailored to their specific needs and local customer base.

Gulshan Verma, the CEO of JioAds, unveiled a new AI-led solution aimed at empowering local businesses with advanced advertising capabilities. Addressing a pressing concern faced by small enterprises, Verma introduced Picasso.AI, an AI platform powered by JioAds, designed to assist local businesses in creating compelling video creatives tailored to their specific needs and local customer base.

Verma expressed his vision for JioAds via his LinkedIn, aspiring to cater to millions of advertisers, ranging from the largest corporations to the smallest local businesses. This initiative aims to enrich the consumer experience by providing a broader array of relevant offers, ensuring seamless engagement between businesses and their clientele.

The core challenge highlighted by Verma pertains to the intricate task faced by local small businesses: crafting compelling video content that resonates with their customers, especially within the confines of their local Pincode area. Recognizing this challenge as a pivotal concern in the realm of digital advertising, Picasso.AI emerges as a pioneering solution, promising to bridge this gap effectively.

Powered by Gen AI technology, Picasso.AI equips small businesses with the tools to create and select from a multitude of video creatives tailored to their unique requirements. The platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to curate engaging and visually captivating content that is not only relevant but also highly impactful. By facilitating the creation of hyper-localized video campaigns, Picasso.AI empowers businesses to connect with their target audience on mobile devices and Connected TV (CTV) platforms, ensuring precise and effective outreach within their local pincode areas.

Verma expressed his pride in the JioAds team for successfully bringing Picasso.AI to the market, showcasing the platform's capabilities at the prestigious India Mobile Congress (IMC) event held recently. He extended an invitation to businesses and partners, urging them to explore the possibilities offered by Picasso.AI.

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