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JSW Paints unveils its latest film titled 'Sundar Soch Ke Dekh'

JSW Paints, an environment friendly paints company and part of the JSW Group celebrates the magic of small gestures in its new Think Beautiful digital campaign. It champions that real beauty resides in our thoughts and actions. 

The film, with its narrative, delves into how simple acts of thoughtfulness can create profound connections between individuals, transcending barriers and fostering a more compassionate world. JSW Paints believes that genuine beauty stems from within, from the depth of our thoughts and the inclusivity of our actions. This film captures that essence.

Commenting on the campaign, AS Sundaresan, joint MD, and CEO, JSW Paints said, “Our Think Beautiful series of films show how being thoughtful can make our world much more beautiful. In this new Think Beautiful film, we bring out how today's younger generation's thoughtful and meaningful actions can help spread happiness around us and build a very inclusive society.”

Govind Pandey, CEO, TBWA\India said, “An inclusive gesture holds profound beauty, transcending boundaries and nurturing connections.”

According to Russell Barrett, CCExpO, TBWA\India, “Think Beautiful is more than a baseline, it’s a platform idea. In this film we’ve explored yet another dimension of this platform and the transformative power of inclusivity, illustrating how even the smallest acts of kindness can catalyse positive change in society.” 

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