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Kai India launches 'Cutting-Edge' ad campaign focused on safety

It aims to promote safe and sharp culinary experience.

Kai India has unveiled its latest knife ad campaign, featuring managing director Rajesh U Pandya. With a legacy of 115 years, KAI has become aimed at crafting premium kitchenware, and this campaign reinforces its commitment to promoting safety in culinary experiences.

The concept behind this ad campaign revolves around the importance of safety in the kitchen, especially during the process of cutting vegetables and other essential ingredients. Rajesh U Pandya states, "There is nothing more challenging than using a knife that doesn’t cut. If you opt for a dull knife, you will find yourself exerting extra force, leading to unnecessary stress and potential injuries."

The campaign emphasises the importance of choosing a knife that prioritises safety and efficiency in the kitchen, promoting a trusted partner in culinary. It also aims to showcase its commitment to quality and safety, which offers a range of crafted knives for both amateur and professional chefs.

Hitesh Singla, head- marketing at Kai India, said “ At Kai India, we believe that the right knife is not just a tool; it's a trusted partner in every kitchen. Our latest ad campaign is not just about cutting-edge tools but cutting with confidence. We want users to understand that a sharp knife not only prevents injuries but enhances the joy of cooking."

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