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KFC’s new campaign sees Varun Dhawan escort his Chizza away from paparazzi

The actor was promoting KFC’s new offering, which the brand wants you to keep to yourself.

Varun Dhawan was recently spotted enjoying a meal at a local KFC outlet, drawing attention from eager Paparazzi who gathered around the restaurant's entrances and windows. Exiting the establishment, Dhawan carried a box from KFC, the contents of which remained a mystery as the actor chose not to disclose or share them. 

As it turns out, this entire episode was a promotional stunt, featuring fake paparazzi acting oblivious, starstruck, and culinarily curious. The accompanying video serves as a promotion for KFC's new campaign.

The essence of the campaign revolves around the idea that some things are best kept to oneself, like ` – a fusion of crispy chicken and gooey cheese, two cherished elements for chicken enthusiasts. The renowned Colonel Sanders lends his iconic presence to the new campaign film.

The campaign unfolds in the familiar setting of a bustling KFC restaurant, where two friends find themselves in a comical standoff over the ‘cruncheesy’ KFC Chizza. The holder of this coveted item staunchly resists sharing, prompting the query, “Yaar bhai ke saath share nahi karega?” The response, “Kaisi baat kar di yaar tune,” is met with a creative solution as the first friend opts to 'share' the KFC Chizza not in person but through a photograph.

The narrative shifts to the heart of the action – the KFC kitchen, where the original culinary maestro, Colonel Sanders, orchestrates an exchange of flavours with crispy chicken fillets, delectable pizza sauce, molten cheese, a smattering of onions and mixed peppers, all crowned with a delicate drizzle of herb sprinkle. As the cheese entwines with the saucy and succulent chicken, Colonel Sanders proclaims, "Sabko dikhane ka. Khud khane ka" - an invitation to showcase, but more importantly, to relish the inimitable creation.

In this gastronomic escapade, Varun Dhawan's feigned covert indulgence has become the stage upon which KFC's Chizza has been unveiled, ushering foodies into a place where sharing is inconceivable.

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