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Lay's, Maggi, Zomato: Brands pour in to celebrate World Environment Day 2024

Coca-Cola, KFC, Lee Cooper, DS Group, and more have also contributed to the environmental awareness.

Each year on June 5, the world celebrates World Environment Day to encourage awareness about the protection of the environment and climate. The day was started in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly as a platform for raising awareness of pressing environmental problems and encouraging global action.

This year, the theme of World Environment Day is 'Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience'.

As climate change and environmental degradation become increasingly urgent, brands across various sectors are taking action to drive positive change. Through innovative approaches and dedicated efforts, these organisations have come up with several campaigns and corporate social responsibility initiatives centred around their commitment to social causes.


To commemorate World Environment Day 2024, Zomato launched an ad film reinforcing its commitment to facilitate 100% EV-based deliveries by 2030. 

The film highlights the delivery partner’s transition to electric vehicles (EVs) by showcasing a series of comedic trials with unconventional transport methods, to ensure timely deliveries. 

Nestlé Maggi 

Maggi is sharing the story of a young Nestlé executive on how she gives two minutes in for the environment. 

This initiative is not just aimed at educating consumers on the right way of disposing of an empty MAGGI packet but also highlighting that small steps taken every day by every person can go a long way in making a big difference. 2-min is all it takes to make an environmentally responsible choice.

Recently, Maggi introduced an edible fork, made from wheat flour, to elevate the experience of enjoying MAGGI Cuppa Noodles while reducing the usage of single-use plastic under its Desh Ke Liye 2 Minute initiative. 


On World Environment Day 2024, Lay's showcased the message Potatoes Are The True Superheroes with the nationwide launch of its film, Drops of Joy

This process is illustrated in an animated film that aims to evoke feelings of joy, inspire hope, and foster a deep emotional connection with the audience.

This initiative is a significant step towards water positivity, showcasing the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices in its manufacturing plants in West Bengal (Kolkata) and Uttar Pradesh (Kosi).


In celebration of World Environment Day, Coca-Cola India has launched #BenchPeBaat campaign. Coca-Cola India through its foundation, Anandana, in partnership with United Way Mumbai has installed 380 sustainable benches in 10 cities in India.

These repurposed benches, crafted from recycled plastic waste collected during the ICC World Cup 2023, aim to make a refreshing difference, one conversation at a time.

KFC India

KFC India has announced its continued efforts towards building a sustainable world, through an interesting post on social media. The brand has adopted 80% sustainable and compostable packaging, solar panels across select restaurants generate 600 KW of electricity, and water efficient practices enable the brand to save over 50% water. 

Lee Cooper 

Lee Cooper by Reliance Retail unveiled a campaign, Eco-ntribute on the occasion of World Environment Day. The brand launched jeans made of recycled cigarette butts. The campaign, designed by Makani Creatives aims to sensitise and amplify the idea of conscious fashion through pioneering innovation in recycling.

Jeans made of recycled cigarette butts
Jeans made of recycled cigarette butts

DS Group 

DS Group gears up to celebrate World Environment Day by launching an awareness campaign, #SaveTheFuture. The campaign highlights the pressing need for sustainable living and the disastrous outcomes of unchecked environmental degradation.

This #SaveTheFuture campaign will kick off on June 5, 2024, with a unique ‘newspaper of the future’ print ad which is the centrepiece of this campaign. Scanning a code opens a video showcasing future headlines like ‘The grass is no longer greener on either side,’ ending with the message: ‘Our sayings will lose their essence if we don’t act now to save nature.’ 

DS Group #SaveTheFuture campaign
DS Group #SaveTheFuture campaign

RiteBite Max Protein 

In light of World Environment Day, RiteBite Max Protein announced the launch of the Max Protein Swachhata Warriors campaign.

The campaign highlights eco-friendly practices, advocating for proper waste segregation, recycling, and reducing plastic use to minimise environmental impact. Ultimately, the campaign aims to inspire change by motivating individuals to adopt eco-friendly habits and take proactive steps towards keeping their surroundings clean.

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