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Lay's releases limited-edition MS Dhoni collector's packs, evokes fans for early access in Gurugram

The collector's packs will be available nationwide on May 4, 2024, at retailers and e-commerce platforms for fans.

MS Dhoni's legions of fans in Gurugram were treated to a spectacle today as Lay's unveiled its limited-edition Dhoni collector's packs. Hosted exclusively at Le Marche, South Point Mall, the event sparked excitement among fans eager to be among the first to own these commemorative packs before their nationwide release.

Following a social media post announcing the launch, Lay's set the internet abuzz. Eager to be among the first to own a piece of Dhoni’s magic, supporters lined up early in the morning, mirroring Dhoni's on-field intensity in their dedication. The store doors opened to a rush of excitement as fans secured their limited-edition packs, many leaving with beaming smiles and a sense of having a prized possession.

This exclusive early access allowed fans a coveted chance to celebrate their cricket hero, MS Dhoni, even before the nationwide launch. The packs offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of memorabilia and toast to Dhoni's phenomenal achievements on and off the field.

Saumya Rathor, category lead – Potato Chips at PepsiCo India, kicked off the launch with excitement, stating, "With our limited-edition Dhoni packs, fans now have a new way to connect with their hero. These packs are a celebration of the colossal fandom that surrounds Dhoni, offering a unique collector's item for his die-hard fans. Dhoni's legendary spirit aligns perfectly with Lay's – both celebrate excellence and pure joy. The early access frenzy was a sixer, proving fans are amped to collect these keepsakes. We expect these limited-edition packs to be a prized possession for Dhoni devotees of all ages, making every match an unforgettable celebration.”

The nationwide launch of the Lay's Dhoni collector's packs is scheduled for May 4, 2024. Cricket fans across India can look forward to finding their favourite Lay's flavours in these special edition packs across retailers and e-commerce platforms, making every match an unforgettable celebration.

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