Nisha Qureshi

Licious heroes ‘Sunday’ lunch in new ads

The ads showcase how Licious products can make Sundays better

Meat and Seafood brand Licious has come up with a series of ads that hero the concept of ‘Sunday Lunch’. In India, Sunday lunches are considered very important as it is one week of the day when the entire family comes together and relaxes.

Sunday lunches often consist of family favourites and special elaborate recipes are often cooked up. Many Indian families also reserve Sundays for non-vegetarian consumption as their preparation is complex and requires time.

Licious’ new ads capture the essence of Indian Sunday lunches. The ads also try to communicate to the audiences when and how Licious products can be consumed through the tagline Licious Mangaiye, Sunday Manaiye.

The ad features Bollywood actor Gajraj Rao who visits his nephew’s house and is surprised to see a spread of non-vegetarian delicacies at the lunch table. He further tries to guess what occasion the family is celebrating however is unable to guess the occasion that demands such an elaborate feast.

He is then asked by the family, “Aap Sunday nahi manate?”

Conceptualised by Sideways Consulting, the ads strengthen Licious’ positioning as a brand that is to be consumed on good days and also showcase the wide range of products they have.

The brand has also come up with regional versions of the campaign. A film designed for the Tamil Nadu market also showcases a Tamilian household and how they turn their Sunday into a ‘blockbuster’ by consuming delicious mutton dishes. A father-son duo are seen dancing around the house while a popular song Jagida Jagida from the 80s film Siva plays in the background.

Brands associating with occasions and weekdays

With this campaign, Licious adds itself to a wide number of brands that have tried associating themselves with certain days of the week.

For example, the famous Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khaao ande ad from NECC . The purpose of the campaign was to educate people to consume eggs more frequently.

Another similar example is Mediker’s campaign that encouraged people to use the product every Sunday. The Anti lice shampoo and oil brand in the mid-2000s was facing a unique challenge. Although the brand’s use case was established, people were not finding the right time to use it in between kids’ schools and other activities. That is when the brand came up with the famous, Sunday to Sunday tagline that encouraged consumers to use the product more frequently for effective results.

Similarly, a few brands try to tell the consumers the use cases of the brand to differentiate themselves in the market. In a market flooded by chocolates and candies, Snickers positions itself as the perfect snack. The tagline Hungry? Grab a Snickers encourages people to consume the chocolate bar every time they are hungry thus successfully differentiating themselves from the other chocolates in the market.

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