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Lifebuoy and Shaan collaborate in Durga Puja Ad, advocating handwashing for safe festive feasting

The ad features a catchy recreation of popular Bengali song ‘Dugga Elo’ with the tagline ‘Lifebuoy use koro.’

Durga Puja is not only a time for religious observance but also a celebration of culture and community. The festival also brings in diverse and delicious food offerings with itself making it a time a gastronomical delight for many. 

Hence, Lifebuoy’s new ad highlights how food is an integral part of the celebrations. It also pitches the idea that people can enjoy their favourite dishes of the season without being worried about hygiene if they wash their hands with Lifebuoy soaps. 

The ad depicts a group of children within a vibrant pandal, eagerly anticipating their favourite delicacies such as chicken rolls. Their excitement is tinged with concern over the potential risk of stomach ailments. A doctor donning a white coat then steps in to their rescue and emphasises the significance of thorough hand washing with Lifebuoy soap as a means to ensure the safe indulgence of dishes.

While the ad is being praised on social media, it must be noted that the doctor in the ad is being played by Indian television actor Ravish Desai. This is despite the ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) pulling up HUL’s soap advertisement last year for showing popular Bollywood actor Kajol as a doctor in one of their ads. The body had termed the ad to be misleading in nature. 

However, the highlight of this year’s campaign is the catchy rendition of a popular Bengali song ‘Dugga Elo’ sung by the famous Bollywood singer Shaan.

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