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Livspace advocates gender-neutral spaces in #RethinkThePalette campaign

Livspace challenges gender stereotypes, advocating for a more inclusive spectrum of colours to redefine gender norms in interior design.

Livspace, a prominent omnichannel renovations and interior platform in Asia, is taking a bold stance this Women's Day with the launch of its #RethinkThePalette campaign. The initiative aims to spotlight the far-reaching impact of gender stereotypes on young minds in anticipation of International Women's Day 2024.

Based on insights from the Fawcett Society's 2019 report, Livspace underscores that gender stereotypes tend to take root between the ages of 5 to 7, shaping both subject and career choices and potentially affecting women's self-esteem. 

The campaign encourages parents to reconsider the conventional practice of enveloping girls in a world dominated by pink-themed bedrooms, pointing out the inadvertent reinforcement of stereotypes. The campaign's video dissects how these pastel environments can influence young minds, potentially restricting future career paths.

Livspace's #RethinkThePalette campaign goes beyond the visual allure of colours, promoting a more expansive spectrum that fosters the holistic development of a child's personality, behaviour, and future career choices.

The initiative seeks to initiate a dialogue challenging conventional societal expectations and encouraging designs that transcend traditional gender norms.

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