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Maggi pitches itself as your go-to WFH snack

We’re hungrier than ever as we continue to work from home, and a 2-minute noodle snack is what we’d rather have than an elaborate meal.

Maggi, Nestle’s 2-minute ready-to-cook noodle snack, is banking on people’s unplanned hunger pangs in its new spot.

Dil mein jo aaya tu, teri dhun main kaise na sunu, ji lalchaye mera bhi, Maggi, Maggi, Maggi,” goes the tune, as a school kid, a college student and a young executive rush to prepare Maggi after hunger pangs hit them.

Work from home (WFH) will remain a central feature of our careers, and one of its unique aspects is our ability to get up from our chairs and head to our kitchens for a quick snack.

Let’s face it, we’re hungrier than ever because of all the sitting and lack of exercise. At least when we stepped out to work, we’d do some kind of physical activity during our commutes.

This intertia, excessive working and even boredom has made us hungrier, and it’s exactly where Maggi comes into our lives.

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