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Maggi pushes its ‘Masala-ae-Magic’ as a secret ingredient-in-chief for meals 

Lately, the brand has been pushing its non-noodle offering to the front.

That Maggi is a lot more than its 2-minute noodles is a hard fact to digest for many. Such has been the power of its various noodle offerings. Yet, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to consume various other non-noodle offerings under the Maggi umbrella.

The Nestle snack has just released an ad for Maggi Masala-ae-Magic, a cooking aid made of 10 roasted spices. The ad sums up how Masala-ae-Magic plays a pivotal flavouring role in dishes, such as dal, gobhi, aloo and pulao.

Masala-ae-Magic is often used in many households, college canteens, and by roadside eateries and office caterers. Starting at Rs 5, its affordability works in its favour.

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