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Maggi releases ad in regional languages

Nestle's flagship brand Maggi recently released a feature advertisement, promoting its new product, Veggie Masala. What's special about the ad is that the company has released it in four languages: Odia, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. 

The ads have been launched on its YouTube page. "Magic of your favourite Masala Taste with vegetables. Let's make life more colourful," reads the description. Releasing the ad in four languages, can be interpreted as the company's way to further strengthen its presence in smaller markets.

The regional languages are from the areas in Odisha and South India, places not conventionally known for their inclinations to the concept of ‘2-minute noodles’. The ad features a mother-daughter duo, having a brief chat after being overwhelmed by the new taste. Both of them are also seen rapping about the instant noodles.

Another thing about the ad is that Maggi deviates from its traditional

The 15-second ad perfectly showcases the added element of vegetables to Maggi’s signature product, i.e., the noodles. The company's new ad coincides with another of its campaigns. An Instagram campaign was released by the company on the same day as the new flavour ad.

It tries to popularise the product by introducing the concept of associating the consumption of noodles at 4 p.m. "If it's 4 p.m., it's time for a hot, steaming bowl of Maggi," the Instagram ad read. The company's last campaign was released a week back. It was around its other product, Maggi Atta Noodles.

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