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Mahindra & Mahindra thank those who transported essential goods during the lockdown in a new ad

The digital film is called 'Warrior on Wheels' and was made by DDB Mudra Group.

The government has initiated a stringent lockdown to counter the spread of the Coronavirus and by the looks of it, only a few areas will enjoy the luxury of relaxations after May 3 when the lockdown ends.

But, the lockdown hasn't been all hunky-dory. Travel restrictions and a steep surge in demand saw essential goods and services take a hit. That, however, didn't deter individuals who went out of their way to ensure people were able to buy the goods they need and avail needed services.

Mahindra & Mahindra along with DDB Mudra Group has created a film as a tribute to these individuals who stepped up when it was most needed.

Called "Warrior on Wheels', the film starts with shots of cities showing us the deserted roads thanks to the lockdown. But, that's not entirely true according to the film. It shows us the courageous folks who're still heading out and delivering essential goods to people.

Talking about the campaign, Vikram Garga, Vice President, Marketing, Automotive Division, Mahindra and Mahindra said, “During these unprecedented times, everyone has been confined to their homes. But even during this lockdown, there are people out there, who without worrying about themselves are catering to all our essential needs to drive the positive change. This is true Rise. We wanted to express our gratitude to these unsung heroes for their courage during these difficult times."

Many brands have taken the onus to release such ads. Google India released an ad a while ago where it thanked healthcare workers for all their efforts in treating Coronavirus positive patients. Similar it treatment to its 'Year in Search' videos, the ad also told us about what we searched for on the search engine during the lockdown. Even Uber released a PSA thanking people for not hailing its cabs and taking a ride.


Creative : Shefali Parashar & Shayam Nayer

Account management : Shivam Bhatnagar and Naina Jaiswal