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Mamaearth's latest campaign showcases the beauty of glass-like skin with its Rice Facewash

The film conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India captures the product's properties, offering a solution for achieving a radiant skin glow.

Mamaearth, India's brand for toxin-free and natural personal care products, launched its latest digital campaign aimed at celebrating the beauty of glass-like skin with Mamaearth Rice Facewash for the ultimate glow.

Drawing inspiration from the age-old Korean beauty secret of rice water, the campaign captures the innovative properties of Mamaearth Rice Facewash, which offers a simple solution for achieving radiant skin glow. With its gentle yet effective cleansing formula and skin-hydrating properties, the facewash is poised to redefine skincare routines across the nation.

The film begins within the bustling confines of an office after hours, where the camaraderie of colleagues unfolds against the backdrop of late-night work. Amidst them stands a young Korean intern, captivated by the luminous complexion of a coworker. Intrigued, she seeks the secret behind the radiant skin, prompting a whispered revelation from her colleague: "Your Korean secret."

As memories of home flood her mind, the intern reminisces about her mother's homemade rice water, a beauty tradition from her roots. Her colleague reveals the Mamaearth Rice Water face wash, emphasising its ability to streamline the entire Rice Water preparation process.

In a subsequent encounter, the intern's arrival unveils a mesmerising transformation—her skin now radiates with a glass-like luminosity, leaving her colleagues spellbound. The scene culminates in a shared conversation, where both women celebrate the daily ritual of achieving radiant glass skin with just one product.

Regarding the campaign, Anuja Mishra, EVP and chief marketing officer, Honasa Consumer, said, "Consumer receptivity to K-beauty is on the rise, reflecting a growing appreciation for skincare products that prioritise natural ingredients and effective results. With the Mamaearth Rice Facewash, we are tapping on this trend by offering a clean beauty solution that harnesses the power of rice water, a traditional Korean beauty secret, to deliver glowing skin. At Honasa Consumer, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft and scale new brands through strategic and data-led innovations. Therefore, this campaign not only underscores our commitment to innovation but also highlights our responsiveness to evolving consumer preferences for clean, effective, and nature-inspired skincare solutions."

Anupama Ramaswamy, chief creative officer, Havas Worldwide India, comments, “In the fast-paced world of skincare, India is embracing Korean beauty secrets like rice water for flawless glass skin. We pride ourselves in simplifying these elaborate routines for busy lives by bringing it in easy-to-use, modern formats. To depict the same, we have a sweet narrative of friendly banter in a playful exchange between a homesick Korean colleague and her Indian friend, who introduces her to a one-step rice water skincare solution.”

This 30 second ad-film was conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India.

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