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Mankind Pharma asked to take down HealthOk ad by chemists' body: ET

The body has raised questions on the validity of the claims in the health supplements ad.

The All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) has urged for the withdrawal of an advertisement promoting HealthOk vitamin supplements, as reported by ET. According to the AIOCD, the ad implies that non-vegetarians are healthier, which they argue is misleading and contradicts widely accepted health benefits of vegetarianism.

In correspondence to Rajiv Juneja, managing director of Mankind Pharma, the makers of HealthOk, the AIOCD expressed concerns over the advertisement suggesting that vegetarian individuals are at risk of vitamin deficiency and that the product can prevent this. They emphasised that such messaging could be potentially harmful and inaccurate, especially in a country where vegetarianism is widely supported by government figures including the Prime Minister and many chief ministers.

The AIOCD has urged the MD to withdraw the advertisement promptly to avoid potential legal implications under consumer protection and sales laws. The campaign for HealthOK multivitamins claims to address nutritional deficiencies and provide added energy benefits, but the AIOCD has criticised the advertisement as misleading. Watch the ad below.

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